Contract Role: Advertising Video Copywriting

and Storyboarding

Company Description:​


At SOLUTIONADO we create and market apps for iOS and Android devices.

Role Description:


We are looking for an individual who must be able to communicate a clear message through video, specifically thru animated short story. Key element of the setting is social interactions. The deliverables for this contract are the video ad storyboarding and copywriting.


  • Participate to the ideation phase

  • Take existing raw material and create rough edits based on desired messaging (for multiple audiences)

  • Develop storyboard along with concept structure and pacing for animation

  • Write copy for each video ad

Hours, Location and Compensation:

  • This a contract engagement corp-to-corp or 1099

  • Compensation depending on experience

  • Able to work remote but capable to meet in the LA metro area with short notice

How to Apply:

Please use this application form​ or click on the below button to submit your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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