Paid Marketing Intern for Content Management

Company Description:​


SOLUTIONADO is a boutique-size, privately held California-based consulting firm which was originally spun off from SAP®, the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. We have a clear vision and it starts with a crisp understanding of who our customers are:

» Our passion is helping small businesses succeed. »


We empathize with fellow entrepreneurs, pay it forward by sharing valuable insights on best practices, and invest in developing cloud-based software solutions that directly improve our customers’ cash flow.


Business or technology – which comes first?

Business! We use technology to save time and drive profitable growth. We value simplicity. We build apps that people can use without instruction manuals.

» We believe leaders are learners. »

Role Description:


You are at the beginning of your career and have a genuine interest in content management. In addition to your superior English skills you are an exceptional writer with a good understanding of SEO. You learn from trial and error, have relentless attention to detail, and have a bold sense of generosity towards your audience. A team player with a passion for developing effective content that tells a story. This is a part-time position.

This is the role that will help make our marketing scalable. You understand that content management efforts need to drive value. You are accustomed to working with limited supervision, and interactively with other team members, guest writers and contributors. You demonstrate a commitment towards shared goals and a willingness to take the initiative. You take pride in your high rate of productivity and – when necessary – are able to deliver on a tight timeline.


  • Refine and execute our content marketing strategy.

  • Develop lead magnets and giveaways.

  • Onboard and manage guest writers and contributors.

  • Coordinate graphic design.

  • Ensure quality expectations are consistently met.

  • Cultivate and document key relationships with influencers.

  • Maintain style guide and keyword bank.

  • Regularly create pieces of content.

  • Drive SEO optimization.

  • Manage our social media channels.

  • You handle the editorial calendar.

  • Work with various stakeholders to capture and plan imminent content topics.

  • For onboarding, new customers: Compile helpful content in a “bootcamp” style email series to introduce our software product and to avoid that our customers get overwhelmed and leave.

  • Show that you care: Respond to comments, tweets and emails, and try to add more value if a reader asks a question. Also, ask who share our content what they enjoyed most about it, or if there was something they are hoping to see on our blog.


  • Impeccable English writing skills and a sound grasp of grammar and the nuances of the English language, particularly striking a chord with American prospects, customers and stakeholders.

  • At least two years demonstrated experience writing/editing/publishing content either for the web or print.

  • Current college students preferred, or Bachelor’s degree in related field (e.g. English, Journalism/Communication).

  • Leadership – ability to manage a team and juggle multiple projects.

  • Organizational Skills – ability to manage many different demands, deadlines and priorities.

  • Ability to give and follow instructions – the more closely our writers can follow our style guide the more consistent our brand voice will be.

  • Empathy – You have a keen understanding of our audience and their needs.

  • Experience publishing on business related and entrepreneurial sites, and can present three articles that you have written to prove this.

  • Ability to foster reader engagement.

  • Experience researching and reporting on relevant industry trends and best practices to identify opportunities for new or improved SEO content.

  • Must be able (or willing to learn) to write content optimized for SEO.

  • Experience with Sales Funnels desired, but not required.

  • Creativity and demonstrated experience writing blog posts.

  • Ability to develop new topics, research, and find a unique spin on existing topics.

  • System-driven technology savvy approach.

Hours, Schedule and Compensation:

  • This role is part-time 20 – 30 hours per week.

  • Compensation starting at $15 per hour, depending on experience.

  • Able to work from home.

  • Potential for future hire.

Role Description:

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